Your car is important to you. It gets you where you need to go everyday. But it can also be very expensive and drain you of your hard earned money. Here are some green steps you can take to not only save you and your family money but help the environment as well. Make sure to prepare before you go anywhere You’re not going to want to leave your garage without assessing a few things first. For starters, check out the tire pressure in your tires. You can do this with a little gadget called a tire gauge. This is an inexpensive item that you can purchase at your local hardware store or online. Your engine will need to work harder and expend more gas if your tires are low on air. This costs you money. In addition, having low tire pressure means you run the risk of experiencing a tire blowout. These can be dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Take unnecessary items out of the car Your car will run faster, smoother and greener if you have less weight in it. Give the backseat and trunk of your car a once over. Remember, you don’t need that hockey equipment in there all month when it’s summer. When it’s winter, take out the beach toys. Maintain your engine Even if you are not a registered mechanic, you can still keep on top of how your car is running mechanically. Watch your engine. Having a clean and efficient running engine can save you 15% on fuel efficiency each month. This helps the planet, and it helps your wallet! As you drive, check your exhaust fumes. You should know that if your exhaust comes out dirty, that means your car is not burning gas and running efficiently. Get it checked out by a mechanic. You will want to make sure the belts on your engine are tight as well. You should have clean air filters and sufficient water inside the radiator as well. All of these things will help to keep your engine running efficiently and smoothly. Frequently check your oil If you don’t know how to check your own oil and have no interest in learning, you can always keep an eye on the sticker the mechanics put on your windshield. When you reach the marked number of miles, take the car in for an oil change.Otherwise, it’s easy and sort of fun to simply check your own oil. Ask a friend or relative who knows how to check oil to show you the ropes. Plan ahead Finally, avoid driving around in circles and getting lost. Have a GPS system in your car, and whenever you go on a trip, plan the route you are going to take to be most efficient. Carbon dioxide emissions from cars and other vehicles on the road cause Global Warming. This can be stopped if people just started being more conscientious about how they drive and maintain their vehicles. Remember, we only get one earth. Take care of it.
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Photo of two men wearing safety helmets, pointing off-camera toward potential safety hazards.